A Great Lab Story!

The story that I want to share for quarter three has to do with what is simply called lab or academic lab. Since I am with sophomores all day I the lab that I go to is with sophomores. At the beginning of

the year I was assigned to attend the lab where it was foreseen to need the most help in a class that has the most students with learning disabilities. This lab is very rewarding when I am utilized because I am intently working one on one with a student. In particular this story involves one student and the relationship that I feel has begun to develop.

This particular student was pointed out to me in the first week of classes by learning specialist because there was not a very good working relationship between the two of them and she wondered if I might have better luck between the two of them. I began to attempt by helping this young man in

Geometry classes, most times unsuccessfully, I would also see this student in the academic lab right after class and this would be a good time that I could work one on one with him. The challenges of this young man are mostly time constraints as the class moves rather fast. The most success that I have had is when there is a growth quiz in class where the students are given a quiz and they are given as many retakes as they want until they master it. After class before I see him in lab I will take a blank quiz I will have known that this student has had time in class to rack his brain over the various questions on the quiz and by the time I go over them with him they will be fresh enough that what I do start to talk about will be fresh. Like learning in general, what I try to convey sinks in and some of it does not but I am able to back track with him and look at the various steps and what the various pieces of the problems are. The best confirmation I get is when I get flagged down by this student in class, and he quietly says, simply, “ I need help.”

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