The College Visit

Over the last quarter, I have had the opportunity to take on a number of larger-scale responsibilities around UIC College Prep. None of these responsibilities have been as rewarding and challenging as planning the 9th and 10th grade college visit day for 460 UIC College Prep students.

In February, the two teachers that I work closest with asked me if I could help plan the event, which happens two times a year. I assisted a college counselor in planning the January college visit event, so I thought that my role would be similar to that. Little did I know that I would be the sole planner of the event, taking on all of the responsibilities and stresses of planning the event.

I initially began to call admissions offices from the colleges that I was most familiar with in the Chicago area. To my dismay, it quickly became clear that other schools were planning similar events and had booked college visits at most colleges way in advance. I was very behind in my planning. Due to most colleges being booked for the specific day of the college visit, I ended up calling upwards of 35 colleges for visits. Out of the 35 colleges, I managed to book visits at eight schools. Prior to the day of the college visit, I was in contact with all of the 9th and 10 th grade advisors and communicated with them extensively.

This was one of the most rewarding parts of planning the day, as many teachers complimented me on how organized I had made the day. One of the last huge challenges for me was to find out that none of the 9th and 10th graders would be allowed inside the school building to meet with their chaperones due to the 11 th graders taking the ACT. I had to work very hard to keep everything organized and eventually kept the morning from being too chaotic.

Planning this college visit has been one of the most rewarding things I have done at school because I got a lot of recognition from teachers and students for the hard work that I did. It was very stressful, but in the end went off without a hitch. I have never planned something at so large a scale, and was very relieved and happy that the day was a success.

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