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Babies in Playroom

Early Childhood Education

We make sure children get the best start possible in life.


We integrate responsive care into a research-based curriculum known as the “Creative Curriculum,” which is aimed at developing Social-Emotional, Physical, Cognition, Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies, The Arts, and English Language Acquisition skills.
Our balance of learning and play prepares children for preschool, kindergarten and beyond.

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Our philosophy to helping your child is built on three key pillars:

Goals and Expectations

Our goal is to prepare children and families for academic success through a comprehensive school readiness plan that was created in conjunction with kindergarten teachers.

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We provide a variety of activities that support our school readiness goals which include Language, Literacy and Physical development. Children are assessed quarterly and individualized goals are created for each child.


Children are guided by a strength based approach to self awareness, establishing and sustaining positive relationships.

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Our Curriculum

A Nationally Recognized Curriculum of Excellence.

We use Teaching Strategies GOLD Curriculum aimed at school readiness in order to best support children.

GOLD is used as a developmentally appropriate early childhood assessment tool, based on 38 research-based objectives that include predictors of school success and are aligned with the Common Core State Standards, state early learning guidelines, and the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework. These help teachers focus on what matters most for children’s success. Children in the preschool program are assessed multiple times per school year tracking growth and attainment.

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2 Year Old Curriculum

Curriculum for 2 year-olds in our program focuses on Social-Emotional and Physical development. These skills form the solid foundation on which children will build throughout their education. We have a comprehensive program, however, it focuses more on:

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Social/Emotional Skills

  • Regulates own emotions and behaviors

    • Manages feelings

    • Follows limits and expectations

    • Takes care of own needs appropriately

  • Establishes and sustains positive relationships

    • Forms relationships with adults

    • Responds to emotional cues

    • Interacts with peers

    • Makes friends

  • Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations

    • Balances needs and rights of self and others

    • Solves social problems

Image by luis arias

Physical Skills

  • Demonstrates traveling skills

  • Demonstrates balancing skills

  • Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills

  • Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination

    • Uses fingers and hands

    • Uses writing and drawing tools

3-5 Year Old Curriculum

Curriculum for 3-5 year-old students places an emphasis on Cognitive, Literacy and Math skills, which are essential for kindergarten preparedness.

Cognitive Skills

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  • Demonstrates positive approaches to learning

    • Attends and engages

    • Persists

    • Solves problems

    • Shows curiosity and motivation

    • Shows flexibility and inventiveness in thinking

  • Remembers and connects experiences

    • Recognizes and recalls

    • Makes connections

  • Uses classification skills

  • Uses symbols and images to represent something not present

    • Thinks symbolically

    • Engages in sociodramatic play

Literacy Skills

Reading a Book
  • Demonstrates phonological awareness

    • Notices and discriminates rhyme

    • Notices and discriminates alliteration

    • Notices and discriminates smaller and smaller units of sound

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet

    • Identifies and names letters

    • Uses letter—sound knowledge

  • Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses

    • Uses and appreciates books

    • Uses print concepts

  • Comprehends and responds to books and other texts

    • Interacts during read-alouds and book conversations

    • Uses emergent reading skills

    • Retells stories

  • Demonstrates emergent writing skills

    • Writes name

    • Writes to convey meaning


Math Exercises
  • Uses number concepts and operations

    • Counts

    • Quantifies

    • Connects numerals with their quantities

  • Explores and describes spatial relationships and shapes

    • Understands spatial relationships

    • Understands shapes

  • Compares and measures

  • Demonstrates knowledge of patterns

Teachers and Staff

Our incredible team of teachers, staff, and administrators make your child's education and experience possible.  



Director of Early Childhood Education













Assistant Director




















We have a simple 4 step enrollment process





Submit an Inquiry

The first step to enrolling is contacting us to express your interest in our program by submitting an inquiry form.

Get Informed

Good experiences start with good information. After you’ve contacted us to express your interest, we will schedule a meeting in which we’ll provide you with personalized information including program details, and any additional information you’ll need in order to make in informed decision about enrolling your child.

Take A Tour


You’re welcome to take a tour of the Early Childhood Education center in the historic home of Northwestern Settlement. This is an opportunity for parents to meet our great teachers and staff, ask questions and learn more about our organization.

Complete Paperwork

Once you’ve had a chance to get informed, ask questions and get familiar with our program, you’ll be ready to complete and submit all necessary paperwork. We are happy to walk through the documents with you. All documents and information are available in Spanish.

Need Help?  

We provide assistance for those who qualify.

Program Tuition

Tuition is charged at a weekly rate and is broken down into two categories – Early Learning (24-36 months) and Preschool (3-5 years).

Child Care Tuition Assistance is provided for families who qualify through the Illinois Department of Human Services.

Please contact Nicole Ortiz for pricing information.

Sibling Discount

We are pleased to offer families with more than one child enrolledin Northwestern Settlement programs a 5% sibling discount on the total tuition for all children.

Staff Discount

Northwestern Settlement Early Childhood Education Tuition Aid.jpg

Staff of Northwestern Settlement, Noble Street College Prep, and Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy who enroll their children in the Early Childhood Education receive a program tuition discount.

Early Childhood Enroll
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