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Rowe School Resources

Please take a look at the resources below for valuable information on enrollment, meetings, handbooks, and more!

Registration Paperwork (New scholars)

Update Contact Information 

CPS Language survey 



Requirements due upon enrollment
Physical Examination must be completed within one year prior to entry to:

• Preschool and kindergarten (physical exam and lead screening through age 6).
• 6th grade and 9th grade (ages 5, 11, 15 for un-graded programs).
• Any student entering CPS for the first time.

Vision Examination
Requirements due upon enrollment
• Entering the State of Illinois for the first time at any grade level.
• Entering kindergarten.

Dental Examination
Requirements due for kindergarten, 2nd, 6th grade and 9th grade.

Medical Physical Form 

Vision Form 

Dental Form 

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Required Health Records 

Rowe Key Document Links

Key Links 

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High School Readiness



Settlement After School





Family Issue

Resolution Process

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