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AmeriCorp Project YES!

AmeriCorps Project YES! members and volunteers educate, nurture and inspire students in their schools and reach out to serve the community at large.


AmeriCorps Project Yes! is here to disrupt generational poverty.  Here is how we do it.


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PROJECT YES! nurtures youth through positive mentorship by fostering relationships of trust and respect.


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PROJECT YES! provides a structure of growth and self-motivation that empowers youth to develop skills in becoming self-sufficient individuals.


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PROJECT YES! inspires youth by encouraging and facilitating civic engagement and leadership opportunities.


Project YES! members are an invaluable source to Northwestern Settlement. Here are just a few ways they impact our community:


30+ Projects

Students have all the benefits of an extra adult in their classroom: additional academic support, social and emotional role modeling, and individual mentoring. Students also benefit from member-directed programming such as guidance through the college application process for high school seniors.

AmeriCorps Project Yes Tutoring and Teaching
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22,100 Service Hours

Project YES! members are some of the best and brightest young people in the nation, coming to the Settlement as graduates of some of the best colleges and universities in the country. A year of National Service creates a learning experience that is almost impossible to achieve in college. National Service exposes members to a diversity of race, socioeconomic status, and education levels that many have never experienced before. What Project YES! members take away from their year of service is almost as important as what they put in.

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AmeriCorps Project Yes College Preparation
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45 weeks of service

Project YES! provides the opportunity for schools to utilize a team of college graduates on a full-time basis to strengthen and support their school communities at minimal cost. Project YES! members serve as tutors and mentors to the students, building meaningful relationships and furthering students’ academic successes. Many former AmeriCorps Project YES! members have worked for partnered schools after their year of service.

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The Settlement

Project YES! exposes a new class of young people each year to the mission and work of the Settlement. For many members, AmeriCorps service is the beginning of a lifetime commitment to the non-profit and community development profession. Many former AmeriCorps Project YES! members have gone on to work for the Settlement.


Did you know that we are a national organization?  Read more and find out about what we do and who we help.  

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