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Enhancing STEM Education at the Settlement

Staff from GLAS Education (Geneva Lake Astrophysics and STEAM) conducted an afterschool STEM class about video communications using free software and a green screen at Northwestern Settlement’s Rowe Elementary School. As part of the Settlement's Teen Program, the goal of the activity is to help youth become proficient in electronic communications to learn important technological skills while creating programs for their school, their community, and themselves.

1. Camera check complete, a Rowe student has GLAS's Adam McCulloch on her computer screen.

2. Three students take their places in front of the green screen during the recent after school STEM electronic communications class.

3. Students set up the lights for their after-school STEM video communications class.

4. GLAS staffer Adam McCulloch, right, shows two Rowe students how to set up the green screen.

5. Rowe students set up the green screen used in the after-school STEM video communications class.

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