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Rowey the Rocket

My great story of quarter 2 was about how my site team planned to bring the school mascot, Rowey the Rocket, to Rowe Elementary School. With that alone, I feel that Eric, Peggy, and I have already made a huge impact on the school; however, the story does not end there. My great story of quarter 3 is once again one related to Rowey the Rocket.

Our site team was responsible for half of the total payment ($550). At the end of the 2nd quarter, we sold candy grams for 50 cents a pop in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and ended up exceeding our goal, raising well over $600. We could not have foreseen such an amazing result. Staff members, parents, and other community members alike approached us with genuinely astonished praise. Because music and drama enrichments were also in the midst of planning performances for the 100th day of school celebration, it was a stressfully busy time while organizing that fundraiser, but definitely worthwhile now that we’ve tasted the sweet triumph that ensued.

Rowey the Rocket made his grand surprise debut at the 100th day of school celebration on Friday, February 24th. Instead of the usual Friday community circle, there was a celebration in the auditorium where each classroom presented another classroom with their choice of 100 items. Examples of such items include 100 erasers, 100 crayons, 100 inches of bulletin board border, etc. Eric was the first to make an appearance as Rowey on this day, aiding in the countdown by fives to 100. Eric, Peggy, and I were deliriously thrilled to see the scholars’ and teachers’ reactions. The crowd went WILD, especially during the 2nd–4th grade ceremony. It was such a huge success that one teacher had tears of delight in her eyes! Rowey even showed up to cheer on Rowe’s new basketball team at their first game ever, against a neighbor school. The rocket mascot was a spectacle to behold, certainly in high demand for family photos.

Rowey the Rocket was the highlight of the school’s conversations for the next following weeks. It’s more than I hoped it would be and I cannot help but feel proud to have made it happen.

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